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but transfer@.iogroups does go through for the invite in order to transfer the group.

We only have 3 days to be able to transfer so are feeling a bit desperate.

We have to upgrade to premium which I did but on a monthly basis. The transfer fee is a one time shot of 220. Will my 20 already paid count when I pay now the 200? 
You must pay for the full year in order to use the Easy Transfer. Try to pay just $200. If necessary, pay the full $220 and then get a refund for the $20 you already paid. You don't have time to wait, if you want to use the transfer.

Important: To use the Transfer Agent, you must be either an owner of the Yahoo group, or a moderator with both the “Invite and add members” and “Add, remove, and change moderator privileges” privileges.
You need to follow the instructions, step by step.

The FAQ says:
7. Where are instructions for transferring to
Transfer from Yahoo Groups ( instructions) - official instructions

"Best practice" advice with screenshots:

If you DON'T need your message archive, you don't have to pay to transfer your group. Basic groups are free.
There are also workarounds you could try.
See #10 and #14 -
FAQ on Moving from Yahoo Groups
GMF Wiki: (unofficial) Help for members (and would-be members) and group managers

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