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We are just trying to determine if we have other options for
relocation to a different area, what they might be, ...
You could put them in a wiki page.
You could put them in a downloadable file.
You could put them in your group's home page Description
You could put them in your group's guidelines
You could put them in a Topic which you pin to your Topics list

which is best ...
That, I think, may depend on how your group uses the links.

Most of those have the disadvantage that you have to create a presentation for the links (text description, organization) and format them as clickable links manually. And that presentation is static, requiring manual maintenance. That is, to add a new link someone has to decide where it goes in the presentation and put it in the proper place.

And it means you don't get the benefits of allowing users to sort the list of links based on columns, as one can in the Database.

and/or customization of the default categories.
Other than the sections which you can enable and disable through your group's Settings page (and the Guidelines which you can enable through defining that type of Member Notice), no. The buttons in the left column can't be customized or rearranged by group admins.


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