Re: Calendar features questions

Gilbert Coville

On Nov 23, 2019, at 2:01 AM, Shal Farley <> wrote:

You might want to double-check that the image is visible to a member who receives the notification or reminder by email, and is not logged in to (or is not using a web-based email interface).

I'm thinking that such an URL might be unavailable if one isn't logged in, because the Photos section is normally a members-only function. But I don't know if enforces that rule at the level of the image URLs, or only on the page URLs.
On Nov 23, 2019, at 4:57 AM, Bruce Bowman <> wrote:

Gilbert/Su -- The URLs of photos in albums are also not static, changing as photos are added to or deleted from the album.

Bottom line is that you really need to host the image somewhere else if you want to ensure the desired behavior. Again, see
Ah yes, I now see the problem with the photos not being available to the mail client. And the lack of a stable URL makes it even worse.

I was able to insert an image into a wiki page, made the wiki publicly-viewable, and then the url became something like:

That did work. The image was viewable in my mail program. I don’t know if the wikiimage is a static URL or not, but at this point you’re right, it’s just too convoluted and dicey to attempt this and it's better to simply host the image elsewhere.


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