Customization Options? #links #customize

Ann Sterner <ams33765@...>

Good Morning,

I am a moderator for a newly transferred Yahoo group, and have been tasked by our Admin to determine if there is a way to customize the default categories on the left of the page, such as renaming the "Files" link, or if there is the ability to Add other categories?  I have been unable to find anything that would indicate this is possible.  The main reason is that we had quite a few "Links" in the old Yahoo group and would like to replicate those in a "Links" folder in our new group. 

If this is not possible...wondering the best options available.  I did see where many folks have added links to the Wiki area, and wonder if this is the best approach that has been found for this, or if it is possible to put them in the "Files" area as well.

All input is greatly appreciated.


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