Re: Member listing/directory URL parameter help #membership #customize

Bruce Bowman

On Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 03:15 PM, Christos G. Psarras wrote:
Is there a Wiki or how-to link on how to modify the URL parameter setup on the member screens?
Christos -- This is known as a query string.

What you've provided in your message is as extensive as I've seen, but I'm sure the parameters can vary greatly depending on the destination page.

And is there anyway that defaults for these can be set, or they have to be entered each time? (in which case, bookmarking will take care of that)
Some of them (e.g.: items per page) are established in your account preferences ( by a sort order selection, start/end record identifiers, etc.

 For example, https://<groupURL>/members?p=joined,pending,,20,2,0,0

I figured out a few of these parameters but not sure on the rest, and what values can be used on them, and I'd like to find out so I can create bookmarks for quick use.
Before I create a bookmark (or paste a link into a message), I usually just remove any query string. But if you want to document them, have at it...the GMF wiki pages are editable by any subscriber. By sequentially clicking on the various column headers and/or manually changing entries you should be able to figure them out.


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