Re: How to recover a lost or abandoned Yahoo Group and transfer it to

Samuel Murray

On Tue, Feb 6, 2018 at 12:50 AM, harryhef3@... wrote:
Alternatively, is there any way for a user (not the moderator) to copy everything over to a new account?
If I remember correctly, IgnoredAmbience's python scripts can download the files and messages of groups even if you're not a member of those groups, as long as the information that you're trying to download is available to the public.  I remember how I accidentally downloaded content from public groups that I was not a member of (typos...!).  The IgnoredAmbience scripts download content as JSON files, and some time in future there will be scripts with which to convert that into other formats, which you can make available in the Files section.

I wonder what is the database size limit (for storing old e-mails in the database).


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