Re: Merge Topics with Search #search #merge

Shane Grimm

Thanks Frances. Without search it was becoming slow, and impossible to merge messages beyond page 9 since the system returns you to page 1 after performing a merge. 

I've found a workaround to get past this.

  1. Navigate to the page you want to start merging on, i.e. Page 14
  2. Start the merge process as you normally would using the drop down to start merge, and then drop down to merge into. You are now on page 1. 
  3. Instead of slowly paging forward back to page 14. Just do this... hit the browser back button twice, then refresh. You are now on page 14 and can see results of the merge.
  4. Repeat steps above to perform your next merge. 
This works, but still think allowing a merge after a search would be ideal. I'm guessing the devs are pretty busy with all the Yahoo Group migrations right now. But would love to offer this suggestion to the team to see if they can include this in a future release of 

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