Re: Removed member keeps rejoining, even though group is restricted



Thanks, but: the image that I had attached to the original mail is the
entire activity log for this user's e-mail address.
Ah, sorry. I missed that there was an attached image on that message.

Perhaps someone here can test this form me: invite me (or a dummy
account) to your group, let me join, then remove me, so that we can
see if I can join again using that same invitation.
Wow. That's quite the loophole. Or feels like it. It feels like one shouldn't have to put on a ban just to guard against the re-use of a stale invitation.

I removed a test address from the shalstest group, and then replied again to a year-old invitation sent from that group. Presto.

I'm not sure what's encoded in that From address (of the Invitation), but clearly it could use a timeout of some kind. Maybe the same two weeks as a Pending member.

I suggest sending your screen shot (unredacted) to along with the confirmation that an old invitation can be re-used a year or more later, even after removing the member.


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