Re: To those who are new to Groups io



... but have been overwhelmed with messages - about 125 a day, ...
In addition to the option to go to Digest or Summary for now, I'll also recommend having a look on your Subscription page for GMF, in the Advanced Preferences section (an expander).

Selecting "Following Only", "First Message Also", and "Auto Follow Replies" together gives you a good way to keep up with the Topics that are being discussed, without being buried under all the replies to the topics.

If you find a given Topic to be of interest, click the "Follow Topic" link that will be in the footer of the message. Then you will receive all the replies to that Topic.

Of course, this works best when other members choose good Subject lines for their new topics. ("Help" being the canonical example of a bad Subject line - it doesn't tell anyone anything about what you need help with). It also works best when topics don't drift off-topic.

Neither of those ideals are fully realized (at least, not in any help group I've ever been in), but setting a good example always helps - my thanks to those that do.

So there's another approach to managing GMF's current tendency to flood your inbox. Or any other busy group.


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