Re: Owner view vs Member view



I think it would be a nice feature if there were to be a badge in the
header, or some other indication on each screen as to whether or not
it was only for Owners, or Moderators eyes or was capable of being
viewed by regular Members.
Generally speaking, if it is in the Admin section of the left column then it is available only to Owners and Mods; otherwise it is available to Members (and possibly non-members).

Note that many pages hold different content depending on your Role in the group, or whether you are a member or not. The Directory is a notorious example.

For example, Home pages are generally viewable by the public. However the Top Hashtags and Message History sections may be restricted to Members, depending on the group's Visibility setting.

Likewise, the group's Members list can be made available to members to view, but in that case a member will see fewer columns than a mod or owner and can't take any actions.

I generally use the tried-and-true method of having two subscriptions in the group, one my mod or owner subscription, and another as a member. When I want to see what a member sees I fire up an alternate browser and use that to log in using the member account.


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