Re: Best path to pull YG here if same name exists here already #askmembers


Thank you both Ramadoss and Duane.  Greatly appreciated.

Now that I have successfully purchased (as a result of your help), I can describe where the break down was happening

  • My assistant was the admin, not me.  (I'll have him make me an asst. admin 'owner' I assume)
  • So I did not see the Admin button of course - but was not looking for it either.

All is good.

Side note - The group I'm pulling into here is

The sad irony is ... I'm actually helping a friend (Vietnam Vet.) who has gone blind, and called on me to save his group from Yahoo.
It is a very niche group of people that have Philips Tri-One enlargers (Camera related).

P.S.  perhaps it would be cool for the architect of this site to allow others to 'donate' premium accounts and the like to groups.  My #1 rule of business is 'Never make it difficult to take someone's money.'

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