Re: Second group to move



It would make sense the use NAIAandNAIATrust as the domain (I think it
would be called) and then use Members and Board as the two sub-groups.
Yes, except that Members may as well be the name of the primary group, replacing the default of "main", as Bruce suggested. That is assuming that all board members are also members of the organization.

That's what I do with my PTA group.
The primary is Members@
while the board is Board@ (subgroup)

We also have other subgroups, such as teachers@, and staff@, as well as temporary subgroups sometimes for volunteers organizing an event.

My only other comment is that "NAIAandNAIATrust" seems a bit awkward, even if accurate. I'd be really tempted to shorten it to one or the other, if that wouldn't be completely incorrect.

For example, if NAIATrust is in some sense a subset of NAIA (at least as far as participation is concerned) then you might have:
Members@ (primary)
Trust@ (subgroup)
Board@ (subgroup)


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