Re: Strange happenings


 was contacted by a member of my group.  She was concerned because she is not getting messages and can’t log in.  I checked the member list and she doesn’t show up under the address she gave me.  So, I tried to Direct Add her with the address she gave me.  My attempt was rejected and I was told she was already a member.  It is an address.  I looked under bouncing..not there...I tried Direct Add rejected because she is already a member.  Searched membership two more times and she is not listed as a member.  I even searched for all members...she is not there.  What can I do next.  Should I contact Mark?
I guess since you checked bouncing, you looked Activity? Anything there?
I would guess that she is registered under a different email address. Especially if she was transferred from Yahoo Groups. 

However I believe that there have been problems with MSN with email delivery. But she should be able to login. If she doesn't know her password (or have one), she should try Email Me A Link by clicking on the link or use this URL -


FAQ on Moving from YahooGroups
GMF Wiki: (unofficial) Help for members (and would-be members) and group managers

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