Re: Which "custom Welcome notice" will the transfer agent use?



- Do you know if the welcome message will form part of it, or will be
sent separately?
Sent separately.
That's why there's an option to have no active Welcome notices, or to uncheck the sending of the "you've been added" - some people felt that two emails to the transferred member was one too many. (some thought that even one was too many, but that's another thing).

I was also wondering if the members will be added directly
Added directly. Hence You have been added...

Also, silly of me, but I have actually received such a message myself
very recently when a group that I'm a member of, joined.  The text of
the message is:
So the key change I'm seeing is that the paragraph about the Updates group has been removed. That sounds familiar, I recall people objecting to it. So I've deleted it from the example. I found the #changelog message where Mark added that to transfers (2017-01-20 beta #12720) but not where he took it out again.

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