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On Oct 26 I wrote:

The banner on yahooGroups pages links to

There I clicked "How can I keep my Yahoo Groups content?", got:
"Photos and files can be saved right from the Yahoo Groups site,
or you can download your data from the Privacy Dashboard"

On October 16 I clicked "Visit the Privacy Dashboard page", yahoo!, Groups,
the three blue dots to the right near the top,
the link to , "Email the code",
entered the code, Download.

Today (Oct 26) I got an email and downloaded a 1.4 GB file.
It contained Messages and Files from all groups I'm a member of, but no Photos.
Not only my messages, but all messages, including full email addresses,
in mbox format. Incliding GMF (76 MB zipped), YGOG, LH.
And all Files and Links.
On Oct 26 I deleted the downloaded file from yahooGroups website
and requested the download again. On Nov 2 the second download was ready.
This time it contained photos uploaded only by me
but messages (with full email addresses) and Files from all members
for all groups where I'm a member (not only where I'm moderator or owner).

I wrote a program to import messages downloaded from yahooGroups this way
into a .io group or subgroup via email.
Import is slow because soon says:

500 We have received more than 40 messages in 30 minutes from you. To guard
against autoresponder mail loops, we must reject additional messages from you
temporarily. Please try again later.
Here "you" means email address in "From" of message to import.
After the backlog of importing "easy group transfer" clears in December,
users of my program can petition Mark to exempt from this check
if "HELO import.messages.from.yahoogroups"
(it's how my program identifies itself to

You can download this my program from

Instructions are in the beginning of the program,
here I copy them:

# Import yahooGroup messages downloaded from Privacy Dashboard
# into via email direct-to-MX.
# Your IP-address must have RDNS; your ISP must not block port 25.
# How to check RDNS: on there must be something after
# "Host name:", or else refuses mail directly from your computer.
# In such case you can run this program on a web-hosting,
# invoking it with a web-browser.

# This program can be used under Windows, MacOSX, Linux, FreeBSD etc.:
# 1. Unzip the download from Privacy Dashboard
# (only the file is used).
# 2. Create a directory (folder), if under Windows then C:\perl
# Everything will be in that directory.
# 3. (only Windows) download to that directory and unzip:
# (32bit)
# or (64bit)
# 4. Unzip the file with this program
# and the file (containing one or more files) into same directory.
# 5. Subscribe a new email address to the .io group, in Members set its
# display name to single dot. Messages from currently non-members
# and moderated members will be imported with that email address in "From:",
# original email address inserted into the top of message body.
# 6. From your group on website in Admin - Members right-click the
# Download button, save memberlist.csv into the same directory;
# 7. in Admin - Settings, Moderated must not be checked;
# 8. in Hashtags press Create Hashtag, enter #mi , check No Email
# and press Create Hashtag ("mi" means "message import").
# 9. Run this program (if under Windows then run portableshell.bat in that
# directory, type
# perl
# and press Enter), it creates needchange.txt file with email addresses
# from the messages to import which are currently not subscribed
# to the .io group, or moderated, or have another problematic status.
# 10. You can optionally create (in the same directory) map.txt file,
# each line with two email addresses (separated with blanks, tabs or commas):
# email address in yahooGroup archive (from needchange.txt)
# and email address of the same person currently subscribed to the .io group.
# 11. Run the program again, look again into needchange.txt file.
# You can add to map.txt and run this program again several times.
# 12. In the same directory create file fromto.txt with one line with
# two email addresses: the email address you created and subscribed
# and email address of the .io group or subgroup.
# 13. Optionally run the program again, it sends an email to +help
# in order to check that it can email to directly from your computer
# (that your ISP doesn't block port 25 and your IP-address has RDNS).
# The mailbox you subscribed should receive an email with Subject beginning
# from "Automated help for the".
# 14. In the same directory create goahead.txt file (with empty content
# or any content).
# 15. Run this program again, import begins. If it fails, you can run
# this program again as many times as needed, it'll skip already imported
# messages and resume from the failed message.
# 16. Delete the fromto.txt file
# and the files with .mbox. in their names extracted from
# (they would be wrong if you want to import messages from another yahooGroup).
# 17. On website in Hashtags under #mi press Edit, Delete, Yes.

# version 1 November 2019 Lena @ BSD license
# Perl 5 (any version)


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