Re: yG Privacy Dashboard download #yahooprivacydashboard #ioimportpl

Sarah k Alawami

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<p>Yes you can. You will have to email those to Mark. I did this with my mail man transfer in 2016. And the transfer happened in a few days. This was before the yahoo debacle so give it time.</p>
<p>Sarah Alawami, owner of TFFP. .</p>
<p>On 26 Oct 2019, at 6:17, Susan B wrote:</p>
<p>Lena<br />I just requested a download of my information from yahoo. You said you received all messages and files from groups you belong to. I read up on what mbox format is. Is this something you think I can upload to a group here? We want to put all our old posts, which contain very valuable information, into our new group here either on the message board or in the files. Message board is preferred. We were going to just start forwarding each old message to the message board here, starting with the oldest. It would be a daunting and very lengthy task.</p>
<p>Susan B</p>

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