Re: yG Privacy Dashboard download #yahooprivacydashboard #ioimportpl


On Sat, Oct 26, 2019 at 04:20 PM, Susan B wrote:

Was the download divided into separate groups? And was each
Group separated into files and messages?
Yes, yes. File descriptions are missing, each file is separate with its own name in its folder (zipped).

We have to manually upload to a group here because there’s an absentee
owner at the yahoo group.
You can upload the mbox file. Members can download the file and use Thunderbird or another mail client to read it and search in it.

We were going to just start forwarding each old message to the message
board here, starting with the oldest. It would be a daunting and very lengthy
There are different types of forwarding. If "From" in a forward is of the person doing the forwarding then every message will be from that member. If "From" is preserved but that email address isn't currently subscribed to the .io group then the message will be moderated (assuming that "Allow Non Subscribers to Post" is checked in group settings) and thus out of order.

I'm thinking to write a program (in Perl language) to read a mbox and email each message to (direct-to-MX, requires your IP-address to have RDNS) in order. The program should be able to handle timeouts, temporary rejections (4xx) and use optional list of pairs: email address in yG archive -> current email address of that person subscribed to the .io group. Also an option to take list of email addresses of all current members, if "From" of a message in the mbox is not in the list then change "From" to some fixed address (like owner's) in order to avoid moderation.

I'm sure that somebody here will be able to describe step-by-step how to run a program in Perl under Windows using ActivePerl or something similar.

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