Group name taken, but not visible

Rick Collins

I am trying to port a group from Yahoo and the name seems to be taken, yet it doesn't show up in a search.  I tried some variations and they didn't work, but maybe not for the same reason.  Are underscores not allowed?  Even so I tried both Hipresurfacingsite and hipresurfacing. 

I'm beginning to think someone with an agenda is intentionally blocking the group being formed here.  Seems there were two Yahoo groups covering the same subject and there has been friction.  It seems crazy, but I'm wondering if there is enough animosity for someone to intentionally block this group using its old name.  I just tried using "Hipresurfacingsite" in the URL where the group name would go and it took me to "" which is the competing group.  Is it possible to register a name and vector it to a different group?  Is this allowed by the site operators?

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