Re: Should I be concerned?

Karen Ivy

Thank you, that helps a lot. 


On one of the groups it says, “make sure you have sent an invite to” but not on the other; I actually sent the invite to that group first, but the damn Yahoo group doesn’t give me a status on either invitation.  Should I resend the invite on the group that’s reminding me?


Karen Ivy



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Subject: Re: [GMF] Should I be concerned?


On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 11:09 AM, Karen Ivy wrote:

The status page says I have 2 groups “in process or completed,” but I haven’t gotten the instructions to promote the transfer agent to moderator.

Karen -- This is not the status page.

In order to determine status, you have to select each group in turn (click on their names) by pulling down the Existing Transfers menu. The boxed message at the top of the resulting page will then tell you what's going on.

The status of a given transfer cannot be determined until you select one.

Hope this helps,

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