Fees for using the Yahoo group transfer

Karen Ivy

I’m considering moving 2 Yahoo groups to groups.io, one with about 924 members and one with about 216 members.  I understand from the Help file that an annual fee of $110 applies to use the move technique described in the Help files.  Would this apply to both groups?  That is, would it cost us $220 to move 2 groups?  We are not, unfortunately, a non-profit – the Greater Rockridge Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council is considered a part of Oakland, CA city government, specifically the Neighborhood Services group in the Police Department.  So I can’t show you a 501(c)(3).  But we have a relatively limited budget, and the city has suggested it may be about to be even more limited. 


If using the tools would cost $220, is there a way I could do it by hand for free? 


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Karen Ivy



Secretary, Greater Rockridge NCPC



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