Re: Migrate several Yahoo groups into one subgroup possible?

Ben Stuyts

Hi Michael,

On 20 Oct 2019, at 19:10, Michael Pavan <michaelpavan@...> wrote:

On Oct 20, 2019, at 10:22 AM, Ben Stuyts <groupsio@...> wrote:

I am currently in the waiting line for my first group migration. (Sent out the invitation yesterday, nothing back yet. It’s mega busy probably!) Once this groups has been successfully transferred I’ll try the next one with the same destination and see what happens. :)
Send out the invitation to <> from each of your YahooGroups now.
So you won't have to wait for invitations to be accepted before giving the 'go ahead' to start the transfer each YahooGroups one at a time

Good point, thanks!


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