Re: $110 transfer question about attachments.

Ben Stuyts


On 20 Oct 2019, at 15:29, Stinson Webmaster <webmaster@...> wrote:

Thanks Ben, is this script similar to what PG Offline application it is the script a tool to move that saved info into GIO?

I am not familiar with PG Offline. The script I mentioned basically downloads everything and gives you a folder structure like this:


From that point it is up to you what to do with this. In the email directory, there are separate files for each message (plus their attachments), but there is no way to import this in the system. You could send each message again to the new group, but then all would be dated wrong, wrong sender (you) and it would be very hard or impossible to get the threads correct. So best would be to just upload all this to the files section I think.

thanks just trying to learn

Me too, last few days were busy. :)


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