Re: Help with transfer of an "orphaned" Yahoo group #pgoffline


I understand if you are not with the tools to do anything and more than likely most members are on no mail but maybe post to those groups that you would like for them to join you over at xyz group that you created on IO groups ? Groups that have been stagnate for along time seems Yahoo could just delete the group . I came across one a couple years ago there was no posts for over 3 years .The owner had died the moderator left so it sets .

On 10/19/2019 10:51 PM, Adam Farson wrote:

I am trying to transfer the following Yahoo group to

This is an amateur radio technical group. The problem I am encountering is as follows: Although I am a moderator on this group, the owner pa3duv@...) did not give me the privilege of elevating members to moderator status. I have created the member, but cannot elevate it to moderator and am thus unable to start the transfer process.

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