Re: Goodbye Yahoo Groups 20 limit

Pablo Sanchez

Hi Sharon,

When I did my migration from Y!G last week, I put all 1,000+ email addresses in a file and uploaded the addresses.  See the bottom of the invite screen.

It took about an hour for the request to be approved.  At which point, when I clicked on Sent Invitations, I was able to see they had all gone out (and which bounced).  My workflow was the following:

  1. Initial bulk invite to Y!G in conjunction with a Y!G Special Notice so people wouldn't freak out.  ;)
  2. As people signed up, I received a boatload of notifications (as configured).
  3. Two days later, I went back to the Sent Invitations screen and culled all those that Accepted (I wanted to keep track) and I resent the invitations.  Once again, in conjunction with a Y!G Special Notice
The last four days I've been doing the last step once a day.  Tonight (local time) I'm going to soft close my Y!G (flip it to moderate all messages).  I'll leave it be for a week and delete it.  During this final week, if there are any posts to Y!G, I'lll reply to them to join the new group. 

My migration was relatively easy because I had no content to preserve.  I just needed to migrate 1,000+ subscribers.  As of this writing, 650+ came over.  No time like now to clean house!  :)


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