Facebook integration #integration

Gareth Jenkins <gareth@...>

Can anyone with technical knowledge confirm that the Facebook integration is secure, in that no data from a group with an integrated Facebook page makes it way back to Facebook?

I'm involved in a voluntary organisation whose members are polarised - there are those who do not anything at all to do with Facebook and those who live their lives on Facebook.

We are (like many others) looking to move from Yahoo to Groups.io, and Facebook integration would seem to offer an answer to making what we put on our public Facebook page more visible to those who don't use Facebook.  However, I can see that some members would have concerns that somehow their personal information might leak back through the integration to Facebook.  This seems to me to be unlikely, but can anyone with technical knowledge confirm that personal information on Groups.io is not shared with Facebook?

I am aware that if Facebook members sign in to Groups.io using Facebook then Groups.io may use Facebook information, but the concern I'm asking about is about the flow of information in the other direction.

Many thanks


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