Re: Can you have more than one group on a single premium account? #groupowner

Donald Hellen

On Sat, 19 Oct 2019 07:49:16 -0700, tim@... wrote:

We currently have four YahooGroups. One could probably be a subgroup of another as there is a good degree of joint membership and similar topics. However, there are three distinct groups. Do I need three accounts?

I just wanted to add to Joseph's reply.

You only need one GIO account and the account is not basic or premium,
it's just an account and it's free. The premium group subscriptions
are separate and are not the same as your GIO account that you can use
to join or create other groups with.

If you plan to use subgroups, be aware that for people to belong to a
subgroup, they will need to be members and join the main group. I
believe that (and someone here can correct me if I'm wrong) they will
see all the messages in the main group and only the messages in the
subgroup(s) they join. If that's a problem, then you will want to open
3 groups. Whether you need to get a year's premium group subscription
for the other groups if you do that is up to you (how important is it
to transfer everything over?). If it's OK for everyone to see the
posts in the main group, then maybe subgroups will work for you. If
you need everything to stay separated then you will want separate

One thing I don't know is if you would need to pay again to transfer a
separate Yahoo group to your main group. You might ask customer
service here. It would seem to me that Mark wouldn't transfer three
groups into one for just one payment. But you should ask before you
pay for a premium group.

I created several new groups a couple of days ago to make sure that
the old ones will continue on with some storage. It's also good to be
able to search past posts but only in two I've been asked if we can
take up a collection to get the money for a premium membership.



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