Re: Can you have more than one group on a single premium account? #groupowner

Bruce Bowman

On Sat, Oct 19, 2019 at 10:49 AM, <tim@...> wrote:
However, there are three distinct groups.  Do I need three accounts? 
Tim -- I'm going to give you a second answer to your question, based on the way you worded your subject line.

Perhaps it will add more clarity...or not.

A single email address ("your account") can own any number of groups. Those groups can be in any combination of the different plans: Basic, Premium or Enterprise. The account itself is not on any payment plan -- the groups are.

For example, I own/co-own four groups:
  1. One is a Premium group that we use for our Astronomy club.
  2. The club has a separate group on the Basic plan for our board of directors, which itself has a subgroup for club member management.
  3. A third primary group on the Basic plan supports a particular type of telescope mount.
  4. My final Basic group is for my extended family members here in Indiana to communicate with each other (at least in theory). 
Now, if I needed to transfer all four those groups here from Y!G, each primary group would have to pay a separate fee for Premium Yearly. I would not have to pay the fee for the member-management subgroup.

So it would cost me $440 to have the transfer agent do that.

In short, when you pay the $110 for a transfer, you are upgrading the destination group to Premium Yearly, not your account.

Hope this helps,

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