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Avraham Groll

We recently completed our beta testing of Groups.IO. We tested without about 150 people over the course of the summer, and then migrated a list of ~7,500 people over earlier this month. In general, it's an awesome platform! However, once we made the change to the broader audience, we have received a lot of feedback that we did not encounter/consider in the beta-testing phase. I am hoping this community can help with some challenges (listed below), and I thank you all very much in advance!
Avraham Groll
Executive Director

Multiple Digests:

Many of our members have expressed frustration with receiving multiple digests on the same day. The current default setting of “
Full Feature Digest ” compiles up to 12 messages together and then sends them as one Digest email. When more than 12 messages and replies are sent to the Group, more than one Digest seems to be automatically created and sent. Is there any way to modify this? Can we expand the number of messages per digest?
Reply to Individual:
Is there a way to include a "reply to individual" link at the bottom of each message (next to "Reply to Group")?
Daily Summary
Is there a way to make the 
Daily Summary more useful by hypertexting each post so that each message could be opened, one at a time, from this Daily list?

Create New Post
Is there a way to add a "create a new post" link at the top of the Digest and Daily Summary pages and/or at the bottom of each message?

Unsubscribe Link
Is there a way to re-label the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom to “Change Email Preferences/Unsubscribe” since the Unsubscribe button actually links to a preference page already?

Thank you again!

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