New invitations being rejected by hotmail

Sarah Rainsberger

It's a new fall term, and we've got new members, so we've sent out a handful of new invitations. The and all worked fine, but we have exactly two new members with hotmail addresses, and both of those are reported as Failed 550.  (e.g. Failed - 550 5.5.0 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable. [])

Since we have exactly two, that's not enough to necessarily establish a pattern. It could be coincidence that they're both hotmail addresses, or it could not.

1. Is anyone else having trouble with hotmail addresses? And, these failures are *immediate* so it's something quite at their source.

2. Given that this is happening, if I decide to pay for the month just to be able to manually add the addresses myself as the group owner, would getting around the invitation problem likely protect me from regular message delivery problem, or is this the sign of annoyingly bad things to come, even if the members were somehow subscribed?  :)

Our group isn't necessarily the most tech savvy bunch, but I'm going to see whether these two members are able to go to the website themselves and apply to join the group and see what happens. Maybe initiated on their end will also circumvent the problem.

Thanks for any thoughts/comments on this!

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