Re: Pending Members Approved Without Approval.... #issue #membershiprequest

Chris Jones

On Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 05:16 PM, Michael Pavan wrote:
The verbiage 'Needed' in "Subscription Approval Needed" and "Message Approval Needed" notice messages iseems to be misinterpreted as meaning 'required', and that some Moderators believe they must APPROVE, as that is what they are 'supposed to do'.
Um. A moderators they are supposed to know what is what and what, er, isn't. The original post in this topic read (inter alia) while I waited for to get additional information from them. This implies the use of a Pending Subscription message, although it isn't entirely clear that that is what was meant.

If the "rogue moderator" didn't know that then it can really only on the basis that he or she had not been informed as such. It is arguable that an anomaly exists because a moderator can set their own notification about whether or not they are informed when there is an applicant awaiting approval without their being able to see the reply to the Pending Subscription message.

All in all this looks like a case where Moderator Permissions and Moderator Notifications / emails were inconsistent with each other, along with an absence of a clear brief about what individual moderators were supposed to do.


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