Re: Account Merge for Group Owner #groupowner #merge

Bruce Bowman

On Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 12:46 PM, J White wrote:

Can I merge the accounts, as Owner? Both accounts are tagged as "Owner".

Yes. Instructions are available here:

Last I heard, it was still possible to accidentally delete the last group Owner via an account merge. So make absolutely sure that both accounts own the group before attempting this. 

I understand the general steps for merging but how does this impact each account, and is it important to merge from old to new or new to old, in order to keep the original start date and connection to the old posts?

Yes, it is important. I suggest you merge the new account into the old one. To do so, you will need to first log in under the new account and have email access to the old one.  After the merge, what you are calling your "new account" will no longer exist.

If you subsequently want to change the email address on the remaining account back to the newer one, that is easily done, using the instructions found on the "Changing your email address" section of same wiki page linked above.

In either event you should not lose any ownership of group content that you had before.

I don't want to lose my new profile information and photo -- do I have to copy those over to the old account first?

Yes. Profile information is most easily accessed from

Hope this helps,
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