Account Merge for Group Owner #groupowner #merge

J White

I am my group's Owner & only Moderator. When I started my account with the intention of migrating a long-standing Yahoo group, I opened the account & created my profile using a different/new email address. When the Yahoo files were transferred over, so was my old account, with former address. I did not realize that a merge feature was available, so I kept the old one as "test account".  I realized to my chagrin that my old account which was start-dated in 2006 (it was actually 2005) is associated with years of my posts and my new account (start-dated 2019) was not linked to those old posts. As an educator in my field, many new people want to search my posts, and cannot do that through the new account that serves as my main Profile. Subsequently, they contact me privately and then I have to direct them to the old account. It's cumbersome and time-consuming. I feel silly for not figuring this out earlier.

What do I do at this point? Can I merge the accounts, as Owner? Both accounts are tagged as "Owner".

I understand the general steps for merging but how does this impact each account, and is it important to merge from old to new or new to old, in order to keep the original start date and connection to the old posts?

I don't want to lose my new profile information and photo-- do I have to copy those over to the old account first?

Thanks for any ideas.

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