Re: How to allow editing but not deleting

Chris Jones

On Sat, Sep 21, 2019 at 06:44 PM, Stef Hambrook wrote:
I'm not sure I trust everyone with the DELETE part of the menu that pops up under the word MORE. 
To the best of my knowledge your stuck with it; while Editing by a subsciber can be inhibited Deleting a post cannot. If there is a means of stopping people deleting their posts I have yet to find it.

It is worth rembering that getting to the Delete tab requires clicking on More. Having clicked on Delete then that action has to be confirmed (or cancelled) by clicking on yet another tab, meaning that it requires 3 clicks to delete a message. Individual Subscribers can only delete their own posts, nobody else's; that privilege is for Owners & Moderators only.

IMHO you are worrying unnecessarily, unless your Subscribers really are clumsy, and even then I suspect that clumsiness on its own will not be enough.


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