Gaining access to a Group via it's URL

Bob Gerard <rfg1647@...>

Last week I set up a group f/u/w two seminars I hold each week with seniors who are members of a retirement-in-place community. I am teaching them about/helping them with Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, and laptops.

I have been able to find answers to most of my questions by reading the FAQ and checking out the Wiki but the answer to one has me stumped.

I have sent invitations to each new prospective member, they have replied and joined and can now send emails to and receive emails from the group.

What stumps me is how do members log into the group.?

Their email address is recorded but they have no password set up.

Could some kind soul give me a step-by-step to send them?

Many thanks.

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— Goethe, Faust

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