Re: Admin members list shows 2 more members than the public directory



The two members missing from the Directory list both replied to an invitation by me, the owner.  One shows an "unconfirmed" symbol, the other  does not.

The one flying the NC badge did not reply to your Invitation, if you mean that you used the group's Invite feature. If he/she had that would have confirmed his/her address. He/she must have requested membership to your group via web or email instead. Have a look in the Sent Invitations tab of the Invite page, or your group's Activity log, to confirm this.

The NC member must reply to a confirmation request notice from You can send him/her another one via their page in the Members list -- down at the bottom there will be a Send Confirmation Email button.

I have not received requests for confirmation as I did with the remaining members and there's nothing visible anywhere that allows me to do that.

I'm not sure what you mean by a confirmation to you, the owner/mod. Maybe just the Email when a member joins/leaves this group or the Email when there are members needing approval. But a person responding to an Invitation doesn't need approval, the Invitation itself does that, and the first is just a notice that requires no action on your part.


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