Re: #howto #reply-to-group #howto #reply-to-group

Theo Armour


I have started testing your thoughtful suggestions. Some findings:

  1. Using #noemail

I think I have the #noemail hashtag working properly using the page

But as pointed out in

A hashtag has an effect only if placed on the first message in a topic, and will be applied to all messages within the topic. (Note that although it is possible to add a hashtag to the subject of an emailed reply by editing the subject, this has no effect;

  1. Messages in pending Many messages in pending becomes difficult. But once a message is in the pending panel, the only way out appears to be approve, reject or delete. There appears to be no way to move a message to the messages panel.

Possible solution: Special address in reply to moderators group or special sender email address where members can see all the reply messages. I looked into setting up a type subgroup for replies but could not get that going.

Anyway, I'm learning about slowly but surely and will keep plugging away.


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