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By the way Shal, this group was originally a move from Yahoo groups if
that makes a difference,
No, other than having copied each member's Posting Privileges during the transfer.

Otherwise as new members in they would have started with Use Group Moderation Setting (no badge); or Override: New User Moderated (NuM, followed by a number) if your group's New Users Moderated box is checked.

and there never was an M or NuM badge, I only have the P
M could have been copied in, if any of your Yahoo Group members had that. But alas Yahoo Groups has no equivalent to the NuM badge.

Having (nearly) everyone set to P is a common misunderstanding among Yahoo Group owners/mods. Even there it isn't the best way to have a New
User Moderated group, using the group setting is. But because Y!G has no NuM privilege, it sets new members to M, and owners/mods commonly "unmoderate" the member by choosing "Override - posts are not moderated" rather than "Default Group Policy".

and a couple of B(ouce) badges.
Those would be members whose email address had likely gone bad before the transfer, but Y!G's bounce tracker long ago went flaky or broken, so that fact wasn't noted in their membership there.


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