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Hi all,

This week's change log:

Feel free to reply to this topic if you'd like to comment on the
changes. Or better yet, if you expect a lot of discussion start a new
topic (or rejoin an existing one) about a specific change.

INTERNAL: Updated Facebook API integration to use their latest
Maybe the cure (or the cause?) to Sarah's problem:

Comments about these are welcome:

CHANGE: The email bounce returned when sending a message to a group
you're not subscribed to had a link to the /join page, which if you
are logged in, would bounce you to another page. Removed the /join
part of the URL.
API: Added googleloginstart and googleloginfinal endpoints.
API: Added facebookloginstart and facebookloginfinal endpoints.
NEW: Enterprise groups now support single sign-on (currently only by
Auth0, others by request).
API: New logout endpoint.
API BREAKING CHANGE: All POST endpoints now require a csrf field. The
new csrf_token in the login object should be used for this.
API BREAKING CHANGE: API endpoints have been moved to The old endpoints will remain up for a
API BREAKING CHANGE: The API is moving from Basic Authentication to a
cookie based authentication. The existing Basic Auth tokens will
continue to work until they expire.

Please call out any you find significant.


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