Re: How do I UNmoderate members #moderation


Barbara Jean,

Kathryn: go to settings and then go to spam control.  I think by default the settings is for new users to be moderated.  Just uncheck that box and that should make it where no user is moderated.

That will not affect any current members, they have already been set to NuM (New User Moderated) in the Posting Privileges of their membership page.

Also, the Spam Control section of your group's settings requires that at least one of those boxes be checked. For a classmates group like Kathryn's Restricted Membership may be appropriate, but otherwise NuM may be the best option for the group.

One thing I don't know how to do (and hope I don't ever have to do) is to put an individual on moderated status.
You can do it by opening the member's page from the Members list, and scrolling to the bottom. In the Posting Privileges section chose Override: moderated then Save the change.

You can do it also directly on the Members list, using the checkboxes and Actions menu, which is handy if you need to do more than one at a time.


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