Re: How do I UNmoderate members #moderation



So far, when someone posts for the first time, I get an email and I can look at the message, then choose to approve and unmoderate. But I can't find anyplace to put all members (at once) on unmoderated status.
First, go to the group's Settings page and ensure that the Moderated checkbox, in the Spam Control section, is not checked.
Then, go to the Members page and put a checkmark on every member with a light blue M or NuM badge after their email address. At the bottom of the page, select Change Moderation in the Actions menu. In the pop-up Set Moderation Status dialog box select Use Group Moderation Setting then click the Change button.
That will let you set up to a page full of members at a time. You can go to your Account page to change the number of members shown per page up to 100, but I don't recommend "infinite scroll" as that seems to sometimes lead to trouble.

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