Re: Using website, vewing UNread messages within an ALREADY read topic?

Donald Hellen

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On Wed, 03 Apr 2019 15:10:39 -0700, wrote:

I’m in a vs. Slack discussion and email overwhelm (when getting emails for each message)
This might be overwhelming if you did this for many groups, but what I
do is create message filters (rules) and a separate folder (like
another inbox) to sort the messages form a group or related groups.
For example, I have several ham radio groups filtered into a folder
called ham radio. I have a couple of automobile repair groups go into
a folder called automobile.

In my email reader, and most I've seen, like Thunderbird (free),
Postbox (based on Thunderbird but not free), and MS Outlook, new
messages in those special folders show a number next to them if there
are new messages, indicating how many new messages are there and

Whether you want to do this is up to you, but there is information on
the web on how to do this, and I think we could possibly help a little
here if you need some help doing this.

That way, you get your separate messages and not in what I feel is an
inconvenient digest format, and also keep them out of your inbox.
You're free to ignore your group messages and focus on your inbox, and
if you set filters up for multiple categories, you can, say, filter
advertisements form companies you deal with into a folder called
advertisements if you wish. I do this in Postbox for my Gmail. For
email from my ISP email address, I use Forte Agent for my email reader
but do much the same thing for the ham radio, automotive, and some
other groups. In this email program I have many folders, 13 of which
are for various Yahoo and group messages. It keeps the
messages out of my inbox. If I need to catch up on email and don't
care about reading messages in a couple large groups, I can right
click on the folders and choose mark folder read and skip reading
those. The support groups like this one are candidates for that, and I
sometimes go back at a later time and scroll down to see the various
older topics but I don't feel an obligation to do so. If I See
something interesting, I can go back and read the message(s).

Making separate group folders in your email client or program is a way
of achieving what it seems you're looking to do without having to wait
for a change to do it. You can have that almost immediately.


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