Re: Using website, vewing UNread messages within an ALREADY read topic?



How does a user on the website view (or differentiate) UNread messages within an ALREADY read topic?

That's a feature that doesn't actually exist yet. But it is being worked on:

"As an aside, this is a big reason I want to complete the app and add unread message tracking (ie Inbox)." [beta #18930]

Foo topic name is blue since I have never read it.
I click Foo and read all 5 messages and return to the topic list where Foo is now black as expected.

That effect is happening within your web browser. Your browser is keeping track of your recent history and "knows" which pages you've visited. The only involvement by is that its style sheet told the browser what colors to use for visited versus unvisited links.

You'll probably notice that effect on other sites as well.


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