Using website, vewing UNread messages within an ALREADY read topic?


Trying to track this down for my users. Most users do all reading on the website only with no email.

How does a user on the website view (or differentiate) UNread messages within an ALREADY read topic?

That is, I go to the website and see a topic Foo with a icon next to it with a 5 in it indicating helpfully that there are 5 messages within Foo. Foo topic name is blue since I have never read it.

I click Foo and read all 5 messages and return to the topic list where Foo is now black as expected. Time passes. 3 more messages are emailed or added on the web by others to the Foo topic.

How do I know they are there? If I refresh the page is my Foo link now blue?

If my link is blue and I click it, how do I know which messages have not been read? (And if this is a topic with 500 messages and 30 scattered new ones even more so how do I know unread ones?)


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