Re: Dedent on group description

Glenn Glazer

On 2/2/2019 12:39, Shal Farley wrote:

But found that when I tried to indent the middle line by selection, it
indented the following line and if I dedented the third line, it
dedented the second line.
Try using Shift+Enter to break the lines.

I haven't tested the Home page Description editor recently, but in a message body (New Topic or Reply) Enter inserts a line break, <br />, into the formatted text, whereas Shift+Enter inserts a paragraph break, <p> (and the corresponding end paragraph </p> somewhere later). Indent formatting operates on a paragraph basis.

Note: the Wiki page editor is the other way around: Enter is a paragraph break, Shift+Enter is a line break. The home page Description editor probably ought to work like the Wiki, but I've not tried it in ages.

When dealing with indents I find I usually need to experiment with Enter and Shift+Enter a bit to get what I want. Or else resort to the Source Code mode and subdue the HTML by hand.

Hi, Shal.

I got a chance this rainy morning to play with it a bit and discovered two things:

1) it doesn't seem possible to edit the group description after the group is created
2) in order to get what I wanted done, one needs to:

* type the line to be indented
* indent it
* hit shift-enter
* type the next line
* dedent it

In particular, the shift-enter doesn't automatically take one out of the indent.

I happen to edit on several MediaWiki style wikis and one thing that most of them have is a visual editor (like the description box) and also a text editor where one enters the markup (in the case of, HTML) directly and that might be a general purpose solution to various sorts of editing issues.  One can start with the visual editor, get most of it right and do a small fix or two in the plain text editor.



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