Re: Default password?


Michael, two levels of users:
“Subscribers”: Those who use email only and have never accessed the
website by logging in.
“Members”: Those who login to the website with a password, including
a ‘login link’ (a temporary password).
You can make that distinction on the basis of a person's habitual usage, but in terms of how works there's no difference. Or perhaps you could say that the distinction is whether the user is currently logged in and using the web site, rather than whether they may have done so at some point in the past.

Having Logged in doesn't by itself change anything about the user's account (or his/her memberships/subscriptions). It merely provides them an opportunity to set a password, some preferences, and profile information.

To say users can access the website without a password by using a
‘login link’ is misleading as ‘login links’ are merely temporary
No, they are not.

One cannot use a login-link in the same ways that one can use a password and vice-versa. Calling them the same thing is far more misleading and leads to confusions such as the GMF member who recently asked why pasting a login link into the Password field of the login page didn't work.

Links are links, passwords are passwords. They are syntactically and semantically different things.

There is no difference in what access they enable, ...
That much is true. Both are keys to logging in - authenticating yourself to, so that your browser session can be associated with your account and subscriptions.

... only the duration of access.
Not even that.

The duration of access is a property of being logged in, not how you logged in.

As Duane explained, it used to be that a login lasted 30-days. That was the expiration time given to the browser cookie that associates your browser session with your account. Not too long ago Mark changed this so that visiting the site renews the cookie; so now the "duration" is 30-days from last visit.

‘Login links’ should always include the explanation that they are
temporary (30 day) ...
Login links are much more temporary than that. They expire 60 minutes after issuance. You have that long to receive and use the link.

Passwords, on the other hand, do not expire.


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