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Apologies if this has been discussed before.. I am a new group user, and owner of a new group and subgroups at ..

I am a former librarian (retired) and former Webmaster, among other jobs/gigs.

Many groups exist for our profession (libraries), and many I use on Google+ and Facebook have post link previews. I've enclosed two (2) screenshots to show what I am talking about.
As you can see, the post goes online (Web/Internet), and includes a post preview image, link, and often the headline of the post link article/item.
When you post to Twitter, a platform, the same thing occurs.

Since is both an email platform and it's Web-based, I wonder why that functionality couldn't be included here on

Instead of using "new topic" and posting an email, there would be a link to post a "Web link with preview" or something, and then you'd see an interface for that. Posting would appear on the Web site for our groups, not an email.

To see the Web posts to our groups, members would visit the Web site for the groups, and click a link to see Web posts etc.
I wonder if anyone else is interested in this, or the team or developers.


Michael aka DrWeb

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