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Ellen Bourne

Toby, I need to know the price of the basic package it there is such a thing so I can tell the elders of the church.


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On Thursday, September 27, 2018, 6:42:24 PM EDT, Toby Kraft <toby@...> wrote:

When you upgrade, your credit card will be billed each month (monthly) or year (yearly) until you cancel.
If you just want to try out Premium, I'd go Monthly.
Only Enterprise gets Premium Support but not sure what that means.
However, switching to the Premium plan won't help with the Removed for Spam problem that you posted about, as far as I know.
When unsubscribes a member due to a Spam Report, it is because received a message that said "this person does not want to receive email from this group".  Therefore, the only way will start sending email for that group to that person again is if that person clicks the link in the notice they got (or perhaps if they send an email to so that knows that the member actually does want to receive email from the group.  To allow the group owner to resubscribe the member would defeat the purpose of the mechanism (people that really didn't want to get the email could be resubscribed without their permission).  
All of us owner/mods are familiar with the problem and the only resolution is for the member (possibly with your help) to take action as described in the wiki article.

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