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Shal, how much is the monthly fee?  I thought was free


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I want to pay for the group now. So if I do it for a month then can I continue to do it every month? Which option should I do in case I want to cancel?

Go to the Upgrade page (the last one in the Admin group) and click the View/Change Plan button. You'll be shown a list of choices with descriptions of each. You can pay by the month with automatic renewal until you cancel, you can pay for just one month with no automatic renewal, or you can take a one-month discount by paying for a year in advance.

Also once I pay for the group how do I add a member back after a member is removed for spam.

You'll have a new Direct Add page in your Admin group.-- it works much like Invite, but the member doesn't have to accept anything. The member will be notified that you added them. Twice if you have a Welcome member notice active in your group settings.

Thanks. Is the support still by email or will there be a phone to call?

Still by email: (the same one).

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