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Great Frances.. Thank you I will try them out and let you know how it goes.

Thanks for the help.. This is my first go around with and I am sure the group will have some question so I want to be able to answer a few questions.


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Question 1 -
1. Can you email to individuals/several people using  If you can how would you do so.not sure what you mean. Reply off list to just a few people? Not sure.
It is easy to reply privately (off list) to just one person. 
If you are replying through your email, reply by clicking on reply to sender in the footer. 
(I believe that doesn't work if you are set to plain text. Recent discussion about this.)

I do it through the home page. I click on reply and type and then click on Private (bottom right corner) instead of the green Reply to Group.

Question 2 - 
2. If you receive an email in your personal email and you want to email to the distribution list are you able to do so. If you can how will this be done?
That's easy! Just start an email. The only tricky part is that you have to use the email address you are using as a member.
Except you can set an email alias that allows you to use another email address instead. Set that up on your group site - go to your name in the top right corner. In Account, scroll down and click to open Advanced Settings for Email Aliases. This is useful if you wanted to email to a group from your work computer. Your group email address is on the homepage of your group. 


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