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Will links to older messages automatically find the new URL? And
similarly, links to the home page?

There is no redirection set in place to cause old links stored elsewhere (like a member's bookmarks) to redirect to the new address of the group. This is because the old address becomes immediately available for re-use.

Which provides you with the opportunity to immediately stand up a place-holder group under the old name, saying "We've moved". It could say that on the home page and in a first and only post.

You would lock down the placeholder with only yourself as a member (Restricted Membership, and don't approve anyone). You could set a Pending Subscription member notice saying "we've moved", so that you don't have to manually respond to anyone that attempts to join the placeholder.

Any other suggestions or cautionary notes?
As with the Yahoo Groups trick, you can set the placeholder group to allow non-subscribers to post, and then if anything lands in the pending queue Reject with a member notice that reiterates the "we've moved" message. This will catch any member that forgets to update their address book, or replies to an old message.


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